Global Data Exchange

The Agrievolution Statistics Program

The Agrievolution Statistics Program provides global product specific shipment data to the companies who report in to the program. The program currently covers five products: tractors, combines, forage harvesters and two types of hay balers. Additional product categories may be added in the future.

Quarterly index data from these exchanges is available to all member companies of an Alliance member association. A public version of the index may be found on the Global Market Data page.

The Agrievolution Alliance acts as Secretariat for the program which has been in existence for roughly 40 years – long before the inception of the Alliance. The program was previously known as Systematics International Exchange, and the data is still processed by Systematics International, an independent data processing company based out of the UK.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers acts as Agrievolution Statistics Program Secretariat on behalf of the Agrievolution Alliance. For more information on the program, download the information below or email us.

A combine driving through a field of crops

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