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Membership Structure

The Agrievolution Alliance is a coalition of agriculture equipment manufacturing associations working for the good of the industry and the benefit of our collective 6000+ member companies. The Alliance is run by a Steering Committee comprised of Alliance member representatives.

The Steering Committee sets the course and direction for the Alliance, identifying priorities and establishing subcommittees to focus on those priorities as needed. Subcommittees meet throughout the year as required and report up to the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is currently chaired by ANSEMAT, Spain, with Secretary General Ignacio Ruiz as the primary contact.

Org chart showing Agrievolution Steering Committee at the top (members: AEA, AEM, ANSEMAT, AXEMA, CAFMA, CAMDA, CEMA, JAMMA, KAMICO, ROSSPETSMASH, TARMAKBIR, AND FEDERUNACOMA), with branches to the Communications Committee (members: AEA, FEDERUNACOMA, ROSSPETSMASH), Summit Planning Committee (members: AEM, ANSEMAT, EXEMA, FEDERUNACOMA, ROSSPETSMASH, TARMAKBIR), Industry Issues Committee (members: ANSEMAT, AXEMA, CEMA, JAMMA, FEDERUNACOMA, TARMAKBIR), Economic Committee (members: AEA, AEM, AXEMA, CAFMA, CABDA, CEMA, JAMMA, KAMICO, ROSSPETSMASH, TARMAKBIR, FEDERUNACOMA), and Global Statistics Governance Committee (members: AEA, AEM, AXEMA, FEDERUNACOMA, ROSSPETSMASH, TARMAKBIR).


Chair: ANSEMAT, Spain
Mr. Ignacio Ruiz, Secretary General

Anita Sennett

Secretary General
Charles E. O’Brien, O’Brien Consulting

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