The Agrievolution Alliance is the global voice for agriculture equipment manufacturers. Made up of agriculture equipment manufacturing associations and organizations from around the world, our mission is to support our collective 6000+ agriculture equipment manufacturer members, working to promote the benefits of mechanization for global sustainable agriculture.


To see Alliance committees and governance structure, view the organizational chart.

Member Leadership
Agrievolution Alliance Chair – ANSEMAT
Agrievolution Alliance Secretariat – Anita Sennett
Agrievolution Alliance Secretary General – Charlie O’Brien


UK flag

AEA Agricultural Engineers Association


U.S.A. Flag

Association of Equipment Manufacturers, USA


Flag of Spain

National Association for Agricultural, Forestry and Landscaping Machinery, Spain


Iranian flag

Tractor, Combine, Machinery and Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Association, Iran


Flag of France

Association for Industrial Agricultural Equipment, France


Argentina flag

Argentinian Chamber of Agrimachinery Manufacturers


China flag

China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association


European Union flag

European Agricultural Machinery Association


Italian flag

Italian Farm Machinery Manufacturers Association


Flag of Japan

Japan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Association


Flag of South Korea

Korean Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative


Flag of Russian Federation

Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers


Flag of Turkey

Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers


Strategic Partners

German flag

German Agricultural Society


Agrievolution Alliance History


An Idea Forms

  • FEDERUNACOMA holds inaugural Agrievolution Summit in Rome
  • The idea of an international coalition of associations designed to share information and collaborate globally throughout the year- rather than just at summits is discussed among several agricultural equipment associations


A Global Perspective

  • AEM hold the Agrievolution summit in Orlando
  • Roundtable discussions shape the concept of an international coalition of associations to address industry issues from a global perspective, share information and take political action
  • VDMA completes first Business Barometer Survey and Global Tractor Sales Report compiling data from future Alliance member associations


Summit In Paris

  • AXEMA holds Agrievolution Summit in Paris
  • Discussions on a global coalition continue


Alliance is Established

  • ABIMAQ, AEM, AXEMA, CEMA, FEDERUNACOMA, FICCI, and TARMAKBIR meet in Sao Paulo and establish the Agrievolution Alliance
  • AEM accepts the role of Agrievolution Secretariat
  • ROSAGROMASH and VDMA join the Alliance


Alliance Governance Established

  • AEA and KAMICO join the Alliance
  • FICCI hosts the first “Alliance” Agrievolution Summit in New Delhi
  • Governance Structure of Steering Committee, Economic Committee (continuing VDMA’s survey work and reports), Industry Issues Committee and Summit Planning Committee is established


A Global Impact Statement

  • CAMDA and JAMMA join the Alliance
  • Agrievolution Global Impact Statement is developed, advocating for global mechanization and the positive economic effects of a healthy agriculture economy


Agrievolution Statistics Program

  • TARMAKBIR hosts Agrievolution Summit in Istanbul
  • ANSEMAT, Spain joins the Alliance
  • Alliance officially voted to assume governance of Systematics Global Data Exchange effective January of 2017
  • Name of Systematics Global Data Exchange officially changed to Agrievolution Statistics Program (ASP)


A Record Breaking Summit

  • Alliance officially assumes governance of Agrievolution Statistics Program
  • ATMAK, Iran joins the alliance
  • Sixth World Summit on Agriculture Machinery held in Wu Han, China with record-breaking attendance


Alliance Governance Expanded

  • The role of Secretary General is officially established as the Alliance continues to grow its scope
  • The Communications Committee is established to facilitate consistent global messaging


A Summit First!

  • Seventh World Summit on Agriculture Machinery hosted by ANSEMAT in Spain. For the first time ever, attendees were able to experience equipment in action at a demo day in Valencia, following the one-day seminar held at the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid


New Alliance Member

  • CAFMA, Argentina joins the alliance


New Strategic Partner

  • DLG (German Agricultural Society) is the first to join the newly created role of “Strategic Partner”